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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.07.04]
Manufactured by: Microsoft & Logitech


Another Mouse Review?

That's right, another mouse review. Why, you ask? Maybe because I've had this mouse fetish for the past few days... Or maybe because mice make a great gift for almost any computer user. Yeah, thats right!

But these aren't just ANY mice we're looking at today; they are?Bluetooth mice. Wireless Bluetooth Mice.

The first question I'd have to answer is, what exactly does a Bluetooth mouse offer that a regular RF wireless mouse doesn't? Well... Bluetooth connectivity! If you're looking to add Bluetooth to your system, one way you could go about it is switching your current mouse with a Bluetooth mouse. Whether Bluetooth is actually useful for most people is somewhat debatable at this point. Sure, a few niche products like mobile phones and PDA's support it, but it doesn't go very far beyond that.

However, Bluetooth can be a great thing for those who opt for integrated Bluetooth on their laptops...

No dongle!

That's right, if you already have a system with Bluetooth, either of these mice will work perfectly fine without their included BT dongles. This is the perfect solution for laptops, as you will NEVER have to deal with a mess of cords.

So by now you have probably decided whether or not you're even interested in a Bluetooth mice. If you are, please read on! If not, well.. You could do some shopping on our Price Comparison Page.

The Combatants

For this review, we're only going to be looking at the "Big Two" when it comes to mice and keyboars: Logitech and Microsoft. From Logitech, we have the MX-900, and from Microsoft comes the Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth 2.0.

First let's take a tour of each mouse from every angle fathomable:


Besides shape (which is totally based on personal preference - I'll get to that later), the main difference between the layout of these mice is in the wheels. The Microsoft mouse we're looking at today is actually their second generation BT product, and thus includes their new Tilt-Wheel. Logitech uses the standard wheel we're grown to depend on over the years.

The Logitech wheel?has a tactile (yet soft) feel, allowing you to be aware of each 'step' you are scrolling. The MS on the other hand has what seems like a free-roaming wheel. It scrolls smoothly, and believe me when I say this takes getting used to. Actual wheel performance is the same for each, but I think most people are going to find the MS wheel awkward at first. I do like the shape of it though; it is indented, and feels nicer to scroll.

As far as the tilt wheel, I conclude that to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick. In days of 1280x1024 LCD screens, 1600x1200 CRT monitors, and ultra-wide resolutions on laptops, you will very seldom come across the need to scroll sideways. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I scrolled sideways!

It doesn't get in the way though, so if you don't use it at least you're not losing anything from it.

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