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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.28.05]
Manufactured by: Ultra Products

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Digitally Unique: $79.95

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The Bundle

Packaged along with the "All in One" unit is a pair of ear buds, a user manual, a driver CD (required for Windows 9x only) and a 3ft USB extension cable and a single Energizer AAA battery.

...Power Makes It Go

The entire unit is powered by a single AAA battery which yeilds a very respectable six hours of continuous play which is longer than the amount of music you can fit on the included 128MB internal drive.

As you can see the battery is inserted in the back of the unit. Notice however the lack of any type of clipping device. Many people purchasing a unit for MP3 playback will use it either while exercising or travelling. Without the inclusion of either a clip or an arm/wrist strap, you are forced to carry the unit in either a pocket/pouch or your hand. Not very convenient if you're looking to use the unit while working out.

Cap Goes On, Cap Comes Off

The USB plug is covered by seamlessly fitted cap cover which molds nicely to the design of the unit itself.

Although a minor detail it's nice that the cap made with the same robust rubber molding instead of the simple cheap piece of plastic that can be found on many USB thumb drives.

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