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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.06.04]
Manufactured by: GigaByte 
Test CPU (A64 3000+) supplied by

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The Bundle

Our sample from Gigabyte was a pre-release sample (like I said, it's about 90% done), so the software was missing. I would expect the standard bundle to be included when everything is finished: Gigabyte's tuning software, along with an Antivirus app, and system utility (usually Norton Systemworks).

Bundles don't end there though; there are cables to be had!

Although the K8NXP-9 supports eight SATA devices, and has two IDE ports, you are only provided with half the cables you'll need if you want to make full use of all that connectivity. The IDE cables we can forgive, since you're most likely only going to use one for an optical device or two, but I know a few people who would make full use of all that SATA connectivity.

One thing Gigabyte did NOT cheap out on is the USB and FireWire connectivity. Included are a pair of PCI brackets that support four USB ports, and a pair of FireWire ports. On top of that, you'll have one more spare USB header on the board, to be used with a card reader or front USB connector. I personally use a LOT of USB devices, so I can really appreciate this.

You'll even get four more USB connectors on the back of the board itself. I can almost guarantee that you will not need to use a USB hub with this board. Also included are ports for a 7.1 channel audio system, with optical in and out connectors for digital audio support. One thing I do miss is a FireWire connector on the rear panel. Although Gigabyte included a rear panel, I usually like to keep that in hand as an 'only if I need it' thing to keep around.

Since chipset makers have yet to figure out a way to properly integrate WiFi into their products, Gigabyte went ahead and included their GN-WKPG 801.11G WiFi PCI card. This is just another nice touch to make the overall package seem more complete when buying this motherboard.

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