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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.06.04]
Manufactured by: GigaByte 
Test CPU (A64 3000+) supplied by

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The Firewall

NVIDIA introduced their robust Firewall with the NF3 250Gb. It was a very robust software solution, but hardly any manufacturers went with it. This time around, they added ActiveArmor, which adds hardware acceleration to the mix. As you'll see, ActiveArmor is all NVIDIA needed to put their integrated Ethernet over the top. Even Gigabyte, who decided to use a PCI-based integrated Ethernet controller on their NF3 250Gb board board, fully supported NVIDIA's integrated, hardware-accelerated Ethernet this time around.

Forceware's Network Access Manager is entirely web-based. It is well laid-out, and even though it is very easy to use, it is extremely robust. Let's take a look at some of the features:

Port Blocking

The most important part of firewall configuration is probably the port filtering. Here, you can see that you can block any port, inbound or out. You can set it for either protocol (or both). As you can see, some default entries are included.

IP Protocol Blocking

Protocol blocking is also supported. Shown above are the default settings under "medium".

ICMP Filter

ICMP Pinging is how a lot of hackers find their targets. With NVIDIA's Firewall, you can allow or deny either inbound or outbound pings (it's probably best to deny all of them, although that may cause problems with some programs).

Anti-Hacking Protection

In addition to all the filters above, there are some Anti-Hacking properties built into the FireWall. This offers protection against some of the more unconventional attacks that filters may not help against.

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