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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [11.19.04]
Manufactured by: Seagate, Kingston, Vantec

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Next up is another somewhat meaningless benchmark, but we'll post it up to be thorough: CPU Utilization.

I was quite surprized to see such high CPU usage from the Kingston! But I triple checked the results, and it came through that way each time. Although I'm not sure it matters; do you really care if your CPU is loaded while copying files? Me neither.

And finally, we need to see what happens when we copy an actual file to these babies. To do so, I used the tried and true method of cut and paste with a stopwatch. Although it doesn't sound accurate, I ran through each test three times to try to get the most accurate reading possible.

The file was a 500 MB zip file. Note that since the Gigabyte drive was only 128MB, we had to use a separate 100 MB file. Time was divided by 5 to compare to the rest. The file size should have no affect on it, since it is a flash device, and isn't restricted by physical parts.

So if you are copying say, a video game demo, to bring along with you, it is going to take you over a minute with the Seagate Pocket Drive. The huge drive enclosures are quite a bit better at 20-30 seconds. The one that impressed me the most was the Kingston Elite. 45 seconds to transfer a 500 MB file! If you currently own a flash drive, you know how impressive that is.

Let's see how they perform when moving a file FROM the device to a target system:

After looking at the HDTach results a few pages back, I knew what to expect here. The NexStar seemed quite a bit faster than I expected though! But this time I quadruple checked the results, and sure enough, it took around 5 seconds each time to move a file from the enclosure to the target system.

Again the Kingstone DT Elite amazes me - 22 seconds to move a 500 MB file from a flash drive. Wow.. just.. wow...

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