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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.18.04]
Manufactured by: Antec

Lowest Price Finder
CompuPlus: $95.00
NewEgg: $99.99
SpaceCenter: $108.00

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My first serious case was an Antec. It worked perfectly for years, and I only got rid of it because I needed more space. When reviewing this Sonata, it was like using that first Antec case all over again.

Like I said earlier, Antec cases aren't necessarily the most flashy, but they just flat out work. Their amazing attention to detail ensures that everything will work right the first time when you want it to.

From the clean cabling to the durable finish, I have never been more impressed by a case. The rails although a little quirky, worked flawlessly and it seems as though Antec really thought of everything.

If pressed to find faults in the case, I could only find two. Firstly, there was the non-tool-less design and secondly, the quirky 3.5" external bay mounting mechanism. Apart from that, this case is almost perfect in every way.

And price-wise, the Sonata is at the 'decent' level. It can be found for just around $100 at various stores (such as Newegg, for $100, SpaceCenter for $108, or CompuPlus for $95). While that might seem a little high for a steel case, it does include a silent Antec power supply. It's comparable to other high end steel cases, such as the Cavalier 3 from Cooler Master.

This case is just about as good as it gets and for that, it truly is HARDCORE.

  • Durable, gorgeous black finish
  • Cable pins
  • Attention to details

  • Quirky 3.5” external bay
  • Design isn’t completely tool-less

Final Score: 94%