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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.18.04]
Manufactured by: Antec

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... but before we do, a quick peek at the back.

As you can see from the picture, exhaust duties are handled by a massive 120mm fan. All companies should adopt these instead of multiple 80mm fans. Simplier is better and Antec does it better than no other. Up top we see a single fanned Truepower 380W power supply which I assure you is very quiet. It's P4 ready and even had 2 SATA HD connectors for all your SATA needs, as long as you have only two drives.

Pins and needles

With almost all headers on motherboards standardized these days, why do case manufacturers insist on giving us separate pins? Attaching those is about as fun as stabbing myself in the eye with needles. Thankfully, Antec has seen the light and as we can see from this picture, NO MORE PINS!

Now that's great and all assuming it works on your motherboard, but what about the pins like the Mic which use non-standard (still?) layouts?

Now why can't all case manufacturers do this? As you can see, there's the standard layout, but for motherboards and soundcards which deviate from the norm, you also have the choice of using the separate little pins. Now why can't everyone be like this?

At this point, astute readers will probably be wondering about the power connectors. How do those work? Unfortunately for us, they are still separate pins due to differences in motherboards, but Antec at least took the effort to combine them in such a way that it would make cable layout easier. It's this attention to details that I love.

Onwards to fans

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