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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.18.04]
Manufactured by: Antec

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And onto details, details and more details...

One of the must-haves for every case in this day in age are a set of front port connectors. USB and Firewire ports seem to be the norm, but in this case (case... get it?), Antec takes things one step further and includes a set of Microphone and Headphone jacks which for online gamers, is a very useful feature to have.

For the times when you don't need the front ports, they hide away behind a shiny door as seen here. Also note the nice blue glow emitting from the sides. What can I say? I love that blue!

Going on to the side, we can see a very attractive Antec logo machined into the side of the case. If you look closely (and squint), you can see that the paint finish on the Antec is rather textured. Now I'm not expert on pianos, but I'm pretty sure that they do not have textured finished. I'm not complaining mind you. I still think the finish looks great, but those of you who have your hearts set on having a matching computer and grand piano are going to be disappointed.

Finally, we stop at the key to the insides of the case. All other case manufacturers, please take a look and take notes. I loved this handle. Seriously, I love it. With all the cases I have ever used, I have never come across something this simple, yet effective. Simply pull the handle and out pops the door.

The handle works because it's just so simple. Another key to this great mechanism is the way the door attaches to the case. Instead of having slots like most cases, there is a notch on the door which wraps around a pipe on the case as shown in this picture here.

I have never seen a more effective door mechanism and I don't expect to see one as good as this because it's as good as it gets.

Let's look inside shall we?

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