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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.16.04]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Well if you haven't figured out already that I really like this case then you haven't been paying attention. And I'm not just talking like...I mean, like-like!

A few minor issues aside (no removable motherboard tray, 3.5inch device/door problem), the Nemesis is the absolute finest case I've ever worked with. Items like the flip down PCI bracket retention mechanism, three included 120mm LED fans (intakes with dust filters), mirror finish, magnetized door, and the molded gunmetal front really set this case apart from the rest of the pack. Add in the LCD Meter, and changeable front LED color and you've got yourself a winner.

Now, here's the best part. All of this including a 420W power supply can be had for $119 from NewEgg (that is the silver one, here is the link for the black one)

Yep, looks like we got ourselves a winner here!

  • Flashy and Sleek all at the Same Time
  • Magnetized Door
  • Three included 120mm LED Fans
  • LCD LED Meter/Fan Control/Temperature Display
  • Molded Gunmetal Front
  • Affordable
  • Mirror finish paint job
  • COMPLETELY Tool-less Install

  • 3.5inch device prevented door from closing properly
  • No Removable Motherboard Tray
  • I've personally never heard of Orion PSUs?

Final Score: 95%