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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.16.04]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Your Name in Lights

And still with the front case door (talk about feature packed!), the word Nemesis act as the HDD activity LED and lights up in Red each time the HDD is accessed.

Top Dawg

At this point, the Nemesis is already a great case with tons of features, but in case, NZXT has gone and topped things off with a sweet little LCD display, the cherry on top if you will...

As you can see, both the USB/Audio/Firewire Access ports as well as the LCD screen are able to be folded down and hidden from sight when not in use

The LCD itself is backlit blue to match the rest of the case and is controlled using three small buttons.

The Display acts as a thermal monitor, and fan controller, as well as an alarm clock and is relatively easy to work with/switch through modes etc... using the three function buttons.

If for whatever you don't like the look of the LCD screen, or perhaps you need to stack things on top of your case, the display is easily removed (a single screw) but will leave some unattractive holes in the top of your case. (Might work well with an external water cooling solution though)

The unit itself is made of plastic and does feel a little bit cheap next to the rest of the all aluminum case. NZXT has done a good job of blending the two materials together though and the paintjob is seamless.

A quick word or warning here though for users who might have already ordered a Nemesis case, some of the first batch of display meters had problems with their internal batteries and did not work on delivery. A quick battery swap got most of them back up and running again. Thankfully NZXT quickly recognized this problem and put a full stop on all order shipments until all meter units in the warehouse were personally tested. It was nice to see a company respond so quickly to a problem even if it meant delaying shipments of an already delayed product.

By The Power Of Grey Scull...

Finally I wanted to give everyone a quick look at the included Orion power supplies. I know a lot of people automatically chuck any power supply units that come included with cases purchased, but 420W unit included with the Nemesis more than holds its own.

Although the +12V rail might be a tad weaker than some enthusiasts would like, it had no problems powering my Prescott test bench and would be more than adequate for the bulk out gaming setups.

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