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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.16.04]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Best Face Forward

Back outside we can see the Nemesis's very cool Gun Metal molded front door which is sleek and simple, yet still right up there in terms of its "out there" coolness. To the left side is an external power button which is a nice addition along with the two front intake vents at the bottom.

Pulling the front cover off we find the basic external bays along with the front 120mm intake fan (with dust filter)

Yes...Even More Shine!

Opening up the front door we find that the drive bay covers are just as shiny as the rest of the case which is nice to see. (Yes I know...the white drive CD...) Also notice the magnets along the left hand side which works SO much better than the cheap plastic clip method most manufacturers use. 

The door did present a minor problem though with our Gigabyte 3D Rocket fan controller. As you can see it is slightly sunken as the door would not close completely when it is installed flush. This was a problem with the Guardian case as well and it's disappointing to see NZXT didn't include a fix for the Nemesis as the control knob is actually quite small and  has fit properly in every other case I've installed it in. The good news is that it's hidden behind the door, along with my ugly white CDROM 99% of the time.

Presto Change-O

On the inside of the door is a small button which is used to change the color of the front "eye" LED.

By pressing the button you are able to cycle through seven different colors (shades of blue, green and red). I personally prefer the regular blue color to match the rest of the case's internal lighting, but it's nice that NZXT has included the feature for those who enjoy more of a rainbow lighting look.

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