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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.10.04]
Manufactured by: HighPoint Technologies

Lowest Price Finder: $92.99
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SpaceCenter: $97.00

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Sisoft Sandra

Just for good measure, we threw in some benchmarks using the Sisoft Sandra disk benchmarking utility.


As with the HDTach scores, we see that the Intel RAID 0 arrays have a slight advantage whereas RAID 1 scores are pretty much the same across the board.


This application is perhaps one of the best out there for benchmarking hard drives because of the various options that it provides. A lot of the information provided by this program has already been looked at in the HDTach benchmarks so for IOMeter, we'll take a look at the number of I/O that each configuration can handle in a second.

File Server (80% Reads/20% Writes, all randomized)

Webserver (100% reads, all randomized)

Well, the RocketRAID was looking good, until we threw the most important benchmark of all at it.

As we can see from the I/Os, the Intel boards are pretty much exactly the same across the board while the Highpoint lags behind significantly. Very interesting thing to note, while the RAID 0 arrays were faster in HDTach and Sandra, we see that it's reversed in this test. Again echoing the sentiments of various review sites around the web, RAID 0 is essentially useless for desktop configurations which do not often employ sequential data operations. In fact, we see that in a situation with lots of random operations, the RAID 1 will be faster because it can seek on both drives and return data from the one that is found first.

I just wish we had some NCQ capable drives at time of writing to show off the true potential of ICH6R. Oh well, we'll save that for a later review ;).

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