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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [11.10.04]
Manufactured by: HighPoint Technologies

Lowest Price Finder: $92.99
ZipZoomFly: $94.99 $95.00
SpaceCenter: $97.00

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Burst Speeds

Looking at the burst numbers, we can see the Highpoint getting thouroughly destroyed by both Intel chipsets. Because it runs off the PCI bus, its speed is limited to the available bandwidth as shared by all devices (and that's 133 MB/s peak). The Intel ICH5R and ICH6R controllers do not share that limitation and thus you can see performance advantage over traditional PCI based cards.

Average Write

Here, it looks like the hard drives are the deciding factor in deciding speeds. All speeds are within megabytes of each other save for the RAID 0 on the 775 platform. Because all other speeds are so close, this number could simply be experimental variance.

Average Read

As with the writes, the performance is very similar across board. We can see that the Intel platforms have a slight advantage in speed over the Highpoint which is again likely due to the performance advantages of the ICHx controllers.

CPU Utilization

If you keep in mind that the CPU utilization numbers are all -/+ 2%, it's pretty safe to assume that they are all very similar.

Random Access Time

The last of the HDTach benchmarks. Again, no surprises as all seek times are very similar.

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