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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.31.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

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SYSMark Internet Content Creation

As I often say, SYSMark 04 is my favourite benchmark to use, but my least favourite to run (it can take up to 2 hours to do a single full run of all the suites).

Nonetheless, it uses actual programs we all know and use, and has set scenarios, so we can decide which usage type is most like ours.

We'll start with the overall Internet Content Creation suite, which features these three scenarios:

3D Creation: The user renders a 3D model to a bitmap using 3ds max 5.1, while preparing web pages in Dreamweaver MX. Then the user renders a 3D animation in a vector graphics format.

2D Creation: The user uses Premiere 6.5 to create a movie from several raw input movie cuts and sound cuts and starts exporting it. While waiting on this operation, the user imports the rendered image into Photoshop 7.01, modifies it and saves the results. Once the movie is assembled, the user edits it and creates special effects using After Effects 5.5.

Web Publication: The user extracts content from an archive using WinZip 8.1. Meanwhile, he uses Flash MX to open the exported 3D vector graphics file. He modifies it by including other pictures and optimizes it for faster animation. The final movie with the special effects is then compressed using Windows Media Encoder 9 series in a format that can be broadcast over broadband Internet. The web site is given the final touches in Dreamweaver MX and the system is scanned by VirusScan 7.0.

SYSMark 04 Office Productivity

Communication: The user receives an email in Outlook 2002 that contains a collection of documents in a zip file. The user reviews his email and updates his calendar while VirusScan 7.0 scans the system. The corporate web site is viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0. Finally, Internet Explorer is used to look at samples of the web pages and documents created during the scenario.

Document Creation: The user edits the document using Word 2002. He transcribes an audio file into a document using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6. Once the document has all necessary pieces in place, the user changes it into a portable format for easy and secure distribution using Acrobat 5.0.5. The user creates a marketing presentation in PowerPoint 2002 and adds elements to a slide show template.

Data Analysis: The user opens a database using Access 2002 and runs some queries. A collection of documents are archived using WinZip 8.1. The queries' results are imported into a spreadsheet using Excel 2002 and used to generate graphical charts.

Not much to talk about here, unfortunately. Some very slight increases, but not much overall. The 3D Creation score was the one that increased the most - by 9 points. The rest went up by between 1-4 points.

If you're curious, here is the final SYSMark score:

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