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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.31.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

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Doom 3

Doom 3 is probably the most GPU-intensive of the three real-world game tests we're looking at today. However we have to include it, since you just know this engine is going to see a LOT of use in the future. ALL of the details were turned off, and the resolution was set to 640x480.

Even in a GPU intensive game like Doom 3, we saw a (very) slight increase in performance beyond the clock speed.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Another first person shooter, this engine is also sure to see plenty of use by licensees in the future. So it's important that a CPU can perform well in this game.

Even at 640x480, we aren't seeing a very good framerate here. Nonetheless, the increased FSB and clock speed did speed things up a bit, so there is room for improvement.

Far Cry

Yet another FPS engine that looks like more time was put into the engine than the game itself. And once again, the detail levels were set to minimum to prevent the video card from holding things back.

Like Doom 3, we are seeing things speed up by more than the clock speed.

3dMark 05 CPU Test

3dMark 05 has introduced a new method of doing the CPU test. In the past, they just cranked down the resolution and let the CPU take over, since the video card was no longer being pushed to the limit. However they now have a separate test for the CPU - hardware vertex shaders are disabled, and the tests are run entirely in software mode. Yeow! This makes for some REALLY low frame rates (between 2 and 4 FPS on these expensive CPU's). We'll use the Final Score for the purpose of this review:

Once again, the same increase we saw in most of the other games - just around 3%, which is more than the clock speed increase (which is 2%).

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