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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.31.04]
Manufactured by: Intel

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SiSoft 2004 SP2b

As usual, we'll start things off with some synthetic CPU benchmarks, to see where they sit in terms of processing power:

Our Extreme Edition 3.46 is 2% faster than the 3.40, and that is exactly what the SiSoft results show. We didn't expect an increase here from FSB, and we didn't get any.

PCMark 2004 Pro

This is the first benchmark that could potentially show some interesting results. PCMark 2004 takes various components of what we would do in day-to-day computing, and turns out a neat, comparable score. In the "System" suite, these are the tests that take place:

File compression
File decompression
File encryption
File decryption
Virus scanning
Grammar check
Audio conversion
Image processing
Web page rendering
WMV video compression
DivX video compression
Physics calculation and 3D

Many of these tests are 'pure CPU' tests, but one would expect the increase bus rate to increase performance a bit more than clock speed.

We also included the Memory test, and the 'pure CPU' test:

We saw a 3% improvement on the CPU suite, which is a bit more than anticipated. The memory suite saw a 9% improvement, and the System suite was right in between the two, with a 4% increase.

Now let's get to the gaming :)

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