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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.25.04]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Silverstone
Case provided by SunDial Micro

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The Exterior

First thing I noticed about this case is that it’s big and heavy which is to be expected considering the steel construction used throughout. The only exception was the front panel which was made of aluminum (very nice I might add).

Being such a tall case, the TJ05 features a set of stabilizing feet that swivel out to the side for extra support.

As you can see, the power and reset buttons are machined out of aluminum and have a very smooth feel (I'd say like a nice lubricated... oh nevermind). Also note the integrated tempurature controller up top. There are actually two versions of this case. One with a controller and one without.

Here's what the controller looks like when running. I really like the look of it I must admit.

Finally, there are the front I/O ports to the right side of the case. I would have preferred that they be on the front though as the computer is to the left of my desk thus blocking these I/O ports which is slightly annoying (yes I know I could move the case, but dammit, I want it to be flush with my desk!).

To the inside!

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