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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [10.25.04]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Silverstone
Case provided by SunDial Micro

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MMm... sexy...

Take some 0.8mm SECC, do that wonderful stuff that case manufacturers do, add a machined aluminum front panel and you'll get a case. Do it well and you have a Silverstone. We've had Silverstone cases here in the past and going back to when they were a division of Cooler Master, they have not let us down.

Details details details...

So what can we expect from this Tj-05? For starters, there's the smooth black finish on the front panel that looks wicked. Fear not black haters, this case also comes in silver! With this case also comes an optional integrated fan controller which lights up blue. The pictures you'll see simply do not do it justice.

Enough about the outside, what about the inside?! You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but this case is HUGE! How huge? 21.3cm * 50.4cm * 617cm huge.  It'll fit pretty much any motherboard you can think of and it's got a whopping 14 drive bays (Four 5.25" and ten 3.5" - two of which are exposed)!

Cooling needs are well taken of with two 120mm fans and the case features a swing out door which will allow you to either mount more drives or two 80mm fans. Oh wait, there's more! You can add an additional 80mm fan to compliment the 120mm monster keeping your harddrives cool.

Rounding it all off is a near-completely (save for motherboard mounting) tool-less design.

Sounds good doesn't it? Will the case live up to the Silverstone name? Does it work as well as it looks? Read on more to find out!

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