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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.07.04]
Manufactured by: ATI and Intel
Motherboards supplied by Gigabyte


Aquamark 3

We also like to include Aquamark to give us an indication of where a video card sits.

Of course, we had to crank down the performance quite a bit to get a decent frame rate. We ran the tests in 800x600 with Anisotropic filtering disabled. Quality was set to "Very Low"




Even though the 915G stands up to the X300 in terms of hardware specs and memory bandwidth, it can't go near it in tests like Aquamark 3, even when the settings are turned down. If anything, it is quite impressive to see the 9100 Pro IGP keep up with the 915G!

We'll also include Aquamark 2.3, which was quite the fancy DX8 test in its time. Pixel shaders were disabled for the 865G, but enabled for the rest.

Once again, the X300 leaps way ahead of the others, but this time the 9100 Pro IGP is ahead of the 915G.

Let's move on to some real world game tests.

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