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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.20.04]
Manufactured by: OCZ

Lowest Price Finder: (1GB DDR Kit) $283
Atacom: $298

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So there you have it, aside from that last little diversion a pretty straight forward review. The new Rev 2 modules with their tighter timing run faster than the original EL modules, even if only by a small margin in terms of real world results. If you're looking to run at stock settings though you might as well stick with the cheaper generic sticks.

At least that is the case on a P4 based system, such as the one we used for testing today. It is common knowlege that AMD based systems love tighter timings, while P4 systems don't benefit from them quite as much. So for the AMD crowd, it may be worth looking at getting your latency timings as low as possible, and this Revision 2 EL is about as low as it gets.

If you're seriously looking at purchasing some performance memory sticks you more than likely doing so for their overclocking abilities. There are admittedly numerous manufacturers out there offering the same Samsung based chips running at the same speeds and timings. If, however experience has taught us anything it's that OCZ always seems to manage to get their hands on the best batch of any given chip. With an ability to overclock to speeds of 240mhz and beyond it would seem that OCZ has once again done just that. On top of all that, they back it up with a lifetime warranty, even allowing you to run it outside voltage spec (in this case, up to 2.9V).

It also should be noted that if you're into the EB line that these PC3200 EL Rev 2 chips are able to easily run at PC3500 EB speed and timings while costing $60 less! While the EL Rev 2 chips cannot clock as high as the EB based ones, if you're only into moderate overclocking then they are definitely the better bang for your hard earned buck.

Now maybe it's just me, but I feel like all I have been doing lately is giving out awards to OCZ, but really there's just not much that I can do about it. At this current point in time OCZ just quite simply makes the best RAM on the market...hands down.

  • Tightest Timings on the Market
  • Runs PC3500 EB Stock settings
  • Overclocks to 240mhz stable, 250+ with higher Voltage

  • Carries a Premium Price
  • Real World Gaming Performance is Negligable at Stock Speeds

Final Score: 97%