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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.20.04]
Manufactured by: OCZ

Lowest Price Finder: (1GB DDR Kit) $283
Atacom: $298

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The Overclocking

First off a small apology for only having a motherboard that allows for RAM voltage increases up to 2.8V. I will be getting a replacement in the very near future which with the help of OCZ's DDR Booster will be able to reach 3.4V.

With my current setup however I was able to push the PC3200 EL Rev 2 modules up to a respectable 240mhz (2.5-3-3-8).

A quick benchmark at 240mzh for those of you who crave more graphs.

Keep in mind that the multiplier was lowered in the OC benchmarks, in an attempt to limit the factor of the CPU speed.

They posted fine at 251 however were unable to remain stable enough to endure the stress of benchmark testing. I do believe however that given an extra shot of a couple volts, these modules would be able to easily reach 250mhz and beyond. (OCZ allows you to run them at up to 2.9V without invalidating the warranty).

The same thing happened when I attempted to run the pair at stock timings (2.-2-2-6) and PC3500 speeds. I was able to post and enter windows however not remain stable. They were however able to easily run at the PC3500 EB stock settings of 217mzh (2.5-3-2-6), and perform virtually identically, significant if only because of the extra $60 price tag the EB chips carry.

Now I was curious at this result and wondered (as are hopefully some of you) if perhaps maybe the EL Rev 2 chips were actually just binned EB chips being sold at a lower price point (OCZ wouldn't be the first manufacturer to do this if they were). So with my curiosity getting the best of me I pulled the heat spreaders off both sets of chips and had a look.

As you can see I was way off. The EL Rev 2 chips are up top and are Samsung based, with the EB down bottom being made composed with Micron chips. Oh well, thought maybe I had something there but I guess not, nothing is quite as much fun as pulling heat spreaders off expensive RAM modules though so it's all good!

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