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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.20.04]
Manufactured by: OCZ

Lowest Price Finder: (1GB DDR Kit) $283
Atacom: $298

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The Results

Stock Settings All Around:

Results are pretty much what we expected with the EL Rev 2 proving to be just slightly faster than the original EL chips due to the tighter timings. Both are ahead of the generic Samsung RAM and both are beaten by the higher clocked EB modules.

Let's be frank here though for a moment shall we. While the theoretical bandwidth tests make the higher priced OCZ modules look significantly faster than the generic ones, in gaming tests there's only a 7fps difference between the generic RAM and the much more expensive EB RAM, and trust 220fps you are NOT going to notice a difference. As you move towards higher resolutions and higher quality gaming that value will shrink along with your relative FPS. Now admittedly you might notice the difference between 21fps and 24fps, however if you are running a game that slow you have bigger problems than your memory.

The real and only reason in my opinion someone should be shelling out their hard earned cash on performance RAM modules is for overclocking purposes. And if there's one thing you can always rely on when buying RAM from OCZ it's that you're going to have a ton of overclocking headroom.

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