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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [09.17.04]
Manufactured by: HIS

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ATI Radeon X800 Pro 256MB: $394 @ mWave
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Oh, before I forget, the HIS Excalibur X800 XT IceQ II VIVO Limited Edition is actually a Platinum Edition by ATi naming standards so it's got slightly higher clock and memory speeds. The Pro is just a plain Pro version.

Basically, you're looking at new versions of SMARTSHADER, SMOOTHVISION, FULLSTREAM, and Adaptive De-Interlace, adding a "HD" at the end of each for, whoa, high defintion. Hardware-wise, the X800 cards will feature 256MB of GDDR3, fatter pipelines as well as faster memory and GPU speeds. None of the technologies that we've seen in previous generation Radeon products has really changed but they've all been tweaked like crazy to be more effecient and therefore, faster. 

SMOOTHVISION, in particular is already pretty awesome so ATi decided not to fix something that isn't broken. I'm told that it works faster now, meaning you can use a very high degree of AA while getting performance that you'd expect from a lower quality image.

The same can be said of just about everything else that ATi has come up with. Faster and more efficient. I hope you're not expecting any groundbreaking image quality technologies because that's not what the X800 is about. The X800 is about being able to run the ground breaking image quality technologies that ATi came up with last time faster.

Hiding under the behemoth of a heatsink is the auxilary power connector and you'll notice there's only one. Apparently it is possible to run one of these monsters with just a 300W PSU. The yellow port that looks like a CD audio connector is for composite video-in.

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