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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.30.04]
Manufactured by: Abit, DFI, Foxconn, Gigabyte


HDD Test

I don't expect this to vary by much, so I'll just show a PCMark 04 HDD test to make sure everything is in line:

And it is!

Finally, we have an overall "System" test from PCMark 04. Instead of going through hours of testing using real world applications on each board, PCMark 04 uses 'parts' of those applications which should give us a peak at how each board will perform overall.

These 'parts' consist of:

File compression
File decompression
File encryption
File decryption
Virus scanning
Grammar check
Audio conversion
Image processing
Web page rendering
WMV video compression
DivX video compression
Physics calculation and 3D

We use the long real world tests in our main chipset reviews, but since this is a motherboard review with all the boards using the same chipset, this should suffice:


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