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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.30.04]
Manufactured by: Abit, DFI, Foxconn, Gigabyte


DFI Software

With such a fancy box and all those neat accessories, you'd think that DFI would have an awesome software package. Unfortunately that is far from being the case:

DFI's RadarSync is actually a nice little Util. It sits in your system tray, checking regularly for new BIOS and Driver files. When it finds one, it will notify you, and you can go from there. It's actually a lot like Microsoft's auto update! So DFI gets points for this.

But when you get to the system monitor software, you just want to.. oh man..

It looks to me like someone at DFI had their son code this up for high school credits or something! Well, it works, I guess... I'm not sure how often you'd want to subject yourself to it though...

While the CMOS was missing any sort of fan control, there is software for it right here. Of course, a software based control util is going to use up system resources (except in the case of Abit's uGuru, since it has a coprocessor to handle the load). Nonetheless, you can set your fan speed here; just keep an eye on your system resources if you do.

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