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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.30.04]
Manufactured by: Abit, DFI, Foxconn, Gigabyte


Abit Software

Once again, the uGuru chip allows Abit to make the most robust system control and monitoring applications. I'm not sure why other board makers haven't caught on; I don't think the Winbond chip is exclusive to Abit...

First up is the main monitor utility. This allows you to keep track of everything - temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, etc.

Just like the CMOS, you have the ability to set warning (or shutdown) levels for pretty much every component on the board.

OC Guru is what makes the whole uGuru suite so.. sweet! From here you can select various preset profiles. Pictured above is "Turbo" which increases the FSB to 220, which is a nice mild overclock. Voltages are also mildly tweaked, and fan speeds are all maxed out.

There is also "Quiet" mode which sets all the fan speeds to low. And of course you can set them any way you want with SoftMenu. AutoDrive is intended to find the best stable overclock, but I never trust those.

The BIOS update software has all the modes you could need - flash from a manually downloaded file (my preferred method), or use "One Click LiveUpdate", which will check your curren BIOS against the latest on Abit's server, and update for you if needed.

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