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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.30.04]
Manufactured by: Abit, DFI, Foxconn, Gigabyte


CMOS Reloaded Reloaded

Sorry, I couldn't help it ;)

The most famous feature of DFI's Lanparty series has been the CMOS Reloaded. It was easily the most robust CMOS profile system, and has improved since we last saw it on the 875P board:

This time you have to ability to add up to three lines in the description. And now you can set whatever hotkeys you want (hotkeys allow you to load certain profiles during POST without having to enter the CMOS and loading them manually). Most importantly, CMOS Reloaded has been sped up by a LOT; the first version was dreadfully slow.

The Lanparty CPU overclock section has always been my favourite, thanks to the "Estimated New CPU Clock" that eliminated the need to calculate CPU speed manually. This is especially nice when overclocking an unlocked CPU! Once again note that the PCI-E bus is lockable.

As far as memory settings go, there isn't much here beyond the usual timing numbers. I checked out "Performance Mode" and setting it to the higher settings actually slowed down memory tests.

Once again you have full control over all the voltage settings you need. Hiring ex-Abit employees really seems to have paid off for DFI! ;)

Unfortunately the Health screen is quite lacklustre. There is no setting for a beep warning temperature (or fan speed, or voltage level, etc), only a shutdown temperature level. This is disappointing after seeing how well DFI did with the OC features in the CMOS.

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