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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.26.04]
Manufactured by: Bluetake, DFI, Logitech

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OH MY GOD, IT'S SATAN!  I guess that's what happens when you buy from stock footage and photoshop the product in ;)

Anyway, satanic endorsements aside, the DFI headset is easily the most unique Bluetooth headset I've seen. If one of your grandparents owns a hearing aid, it might look somewhat familiar to you. The earhook is actually what houses the battery! And instead of having a huge microphone swinging out in front of your face, causing you to look like a telemarketer who forgot to take their headset off, you have a nice little piece that sits over your ear.

There are three buttons, which are also easy to find without looking at them, but you are going to have to get used to them. Just remember that the volume up button is the one on the front when wearing the headset, and you'll be fine.

The battery piece can be plugged into either side of the headset, allowing it to be used in either ear. To charge it, you keep the battery plugged into one of the ports, and the charger into the other.

Speaking of chargers, DFI is the only unit that comes with a car charger in the box. Now that's a nice bonus!

Usage Notes

After several weeks with this unit, the DFI headset is my favourite of the three. Mostly because I like the fact that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb when being worn. It is very discrete, and so comfortable, I even forgot I was wearing it a few times!

Range is ever-so-slightly better than the Bluetake and Logitech, which were about the same. Honestly though, the difference is so slight with all the models, it's hard to pick one over the other. Range isn't much to speak of on any of them; basically don't try to use the headset in a different room from your phone. I won't put too much weight into the range tests I did though, because it's possible that I was limited by the test phone.

Sound quality was great on the DFI headset. Sounds came in loud and clear. However, because of the lack of microphone arm, it was prone to picking up background noises more than the other two headsets. This wasn't a huge problem unless in a very loud area, such as a Chinese restaurant (and at that point, no microphone arm is going to help you).

The only real issue I have with the DFI headset is battery life. Its standby time is notoriously low. You will have to charge it at LEAST every other day, with minor usage. The other two headets lasted upwards of 5-7 days between charges! Talk time actually wasn't too bad, so maybe a firmware update could improve things...

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