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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.26.04]
Manufactured by: Bluetake, DFI, Logitech

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Bluetake BT400 G3

The Bluetake will certainly stand out among a crowd on retail shelves (which only really happen in Asia) with its smart packaging and nice design. As mentioned, this is actually the third generation of this headset. And since Bluetake has been in the Bluetooth headset business for years, they have what is easily the best website out of the three manufacturers we're looking at today. They have a huge list of Bluetooth mobile phones, with detailed instructions on how to get the headset (and their other products) working with each one. This isn't necessary of course; each user should be responsible for knowing how to use their phone. But as Bluetooth support varies amazingly with each product, this is a great service.

The headset design is similar to the prior two generations of this product, and might look familiar if you've seen Motorola's own BT headset. It does a good job of looking technical, but not nerdy, and doesn't stand out TOO much. It features a pair of volume buttons that are easy to find without looking, and a function button that is used for everything from turning on the power, to answering calls.

The microphone arm swings closed for easy storage. However it effectively doubles the depth measurement, so you might find it to be easier to carry in your pocket with the arm open.

The earhook is a comfortable rubber hook, with plastic on the top to maintain rigidity. It can be placed on either side of the microphone, to allow it to be worn on either ear. The package even comes with an extra hook!

One nice feature is that it comes with some extra face plates, for customization. The standard cover is the white one, but I prefer the way it looks with the light shade of blue :)

Usage Notes

Bluetooth range was about tied for second with the Logitech headset. Battery life was easily the best, in both talk time and standby time. Sound quality was superb; it was just as loud as it needed to be, and it picked up my voice clearly, without too much background interference.

Comfort-wise, I rate it second, behind the DFI, but WAY ahead of the Logitech. As far as looks go, you have to decide for yourself which one looks the best. I personally prefer a headset that doesn't stand out at all, but if you're going to see it anyway, it might as well look good! The addition of different covers is nice, as I found it to look better with two shades of blue.

One major problem I had with the BT400 G3 was the battery charger. For some reason, the plug does NOT want to 'sit in' properly, and it takes a lot of jiggling and twisting to get it to start charging. I just know I am going to have to buy a new charger for this very soon.

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