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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.25.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

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Well it would seem that Gigabyte has gone and taken a nice first step in the original 3D Cooler and made it just that much better. There are so many great things about this cooler I'm not even sure where to start.

- Increased surface area by increasing the cooler height while decreasing overall cooler weight by thirty five percent

- New airflow design allows both cooling or surrounding motherboard components and loss of that annoying whirring sound at high speeds.

- New front bezel fan controller fixes so that it can fit in the majority of cases on the market (as long as you don't lose the little screws of course).

- Very unique design with quad blue LED lighting effect.

It seems Gigabyte has got something good going with their 3D cooler design, especially now after having worked out its initial kinks. I am currently running this cooler at its lowest fan speed on my overlocked Prescott and cant wait to see just how far I can push this chip with it running at full speed. Needless to say this is a great cooler and is a very much deserving recipient of the coveted I AM HARDCORE Award.

  • Great Cooling Performance!
  • Very unique looking with nice quad LED display
  • Universal Socket attachments
  • Not "Whiny" at top speeds
  • 14C below stock HSF!!

  • Still a tad chunky at 500g
  • Too Tall to fit in anything but a tower case
  • Cost might be a factor

Final Score: 96%