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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.25.04]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

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The Results

First off let's see how the new and improved 3D cooler performs at stock settings. Temperatures at both idle and full CPU load are displayed.

Looks like the airflow and height improvements made to the 3D Rocket Pro have really paid off. As you can see, the newer revision at low fan speed is almost able to match the older model running at top speed. Now for the real test, lets see how the Rocket can handle the red hot Prescott when it's overclocked and overvolted!

....not that is impressive!! At top speed the 3D Rocket Pro is able to keep the Prescott CPU at just a hair over 60C. That's a full six degrees below the stock cooler running with the CPU at stock speeds! Even at low, and virtually silent speeds the new Rocket Cooler is able to keep the overclocked Prescott within a respectable temperature range, while at full speed it drop 14C off the stock cooler!

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