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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.11.04]
Manufactured by: SilverStone


The Cables

First of all, this PSU doesn't support the new 2x12 pin ATX connector, or the 2x3 pin PCI-E video card connector. As with the majority of power supplies available today, you'll be stuck using adapters for the time being.

The 2x10 ATX connector and these two connectors are both braided. Unfortunately, SilverStone decided to braid the AUX and P4 connector together. Personally, I chop the AUX connector of most PSU's I use (unless it's a fully modular unit, like the Ultra X-Connect we reviewed earlier this week!). I won't be able to do that with this and maintain the sleeved P4 connector... Oh well, having them braided together at least minimizes the clutter for those who don't chop their AUX cables ;)

The SATA cables are a pair of individual braided lines. Most power supplies with two SATA connectors put them on the same line, which I actually prefer, as it makes RAID installation much cleaner. However, with SATA optical drives starting to show up, you're going to want to keep them separated. A better solution would be to have one line with a pair of connectors, and a single connector added to that.

There are two "Molex Lines" in total, each with three 4-pin connectors and one floppy. This is as much as you would expect in a 250/300W PSU.

That about wraps up our tour of the cables! I really like the inclusion of SATA cables, and the length is more than adequate (certainly the cables are longer than you would expect from a 250W PSU).

Now let's see how this thing performs!

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