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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.11.04]
Manufactured by: SilverStone


The Insides

As always, we like to show you the insides of each PSU we review. This is especially the case with a specialized unit like this.

As you can see, there are some MASSIVE heatsinks in there, including heatpipes to route the heat to the outside of the case (where the exhaust fan would normally reside). There is a thermal interface material on the top of the two large heatsinks. This will help transfer more heat to the case, allowing the case to act like a heatsink of sorts; this will be especially effective if you have an aluminum case.

The inside of the PSU is vented, allowing hot ambient air inside the case to flow to the heatsinks and to be expelled to the outside of the system.

When the PSU is being used, there are two indicator LEDs to give you an idea of what is going on. On the top is the power indicator, which I guess could have been left out. There is also a temperature indicator to let you know if it is dangerous to touch the heatsink of the 30NF or not.

Expect to see this light on all the time, because even when idling the temperature of the 30NF will reach 'red'. While it is quite hot at this point, I wouldn't call it dangerous. I saw it get 'dangerous' during load testing for sure; more on that later.

For now, we have to talk about the cables! This IS a power supply after all :)

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