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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.11.04]
Manufactured by: Zalman


ZM-GWB1 VGA Water Block







Unlike the CPU block, the ZM-GWB1 VGA waterblock is optional, and does not come packaged with the Reserator 1. However when you can pick one up for just $22.00, you might as well go all the way with it!

To maintain compliance with all video cards (with mounting holes, that is), Zalman decided to include two waterblocks in the package. This is something I would expect from a specialized ultra high-end manufacturer, and it's neat to see.

Depending on which video card you have, you will install either the large block or small block. Both offer similar performance. Installation is a breeze, and once again you can check out the flash animation on Zalman's site if you're curious about the process.

In order to keep your video card as cool as possible (and quiet), small heatsinks are included to be used on the memory chips:

Since you may have to remove whatever memory cooling may be on your video card to use the waterblock, you can use these instead. Just another indication of what a complete package Zalman likes to present. Speaking of which, they also include a small screwdriver to use for installation in case you are not in posession of one already. Nice touch!

Instead of using the twist fittings found almost everywhere else in the Reserator 1 kit, the VGA waterblock uses spring clips. This is because of the lack of clearance for sure, and they should suffice. They keep the hoses connected just as well as the others; they just aren't as easy to install and uninstall.

Let's see what other kind of hoses and fittings the Reserator 1 comes with...

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