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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.11.04]
Manufactured by: Zalman


ZM-WB2 Gold CPU Water Block

The Reserator 1 comes packaged with a single water block by default. You can pick up a second one, if you are running a dual CPU system (as of this writing, the lowest price I've found is around $40).

The ZM-WB2 Gold is compatible with all CPU's across the board, and in the package you'll find all the mounting hardware needed to install it on Socket 478, Socket A, and all three A64 platforms. Currently there is no adapter for LGA-775, but Zalman assures me that one is being worked on right now.

Keep in mind that there may be some incompatibilities with some motherboards, so you should consult with Zalman's website before deciding on the Reserator 1. It's not that the water block is not compliant to socket standards; it's that some motherboards aren't! Some P4 boards do not comply with height restrictions, so make sure you check that out. Unfortunately, while Zalman does warn us of this, they do not provide a list of boards known not to work with the waterblock.

On the AMD side, you just have to make sure you have a board with mounting holes if you are installing on a Socket A platform. Since the mounting holes are not a specification, many boards do not have them.

Technically, the waterblock is VERY well crafted; something I've come to expect from Zalman (and Korean products in general). The gold plated copper surface on the bottom is literally the nicest surfact I have seen on heatsink, EVER.

Now keep in mind that this waterblock is meant to be used in the Reserator 1 as a silent solution; it's not going to perform as good as some of the insane blocks we've seen on high end watercooling kits.

We went with a Pentium 4 installation, which turned out to be about as easy as installing a regular heatsink. Simply place the blue clip supports in the slots, and then the retention bracket over the center of the waterblock. Then screw the retention bracket into the clip supports on both sides, and you're done! No need to even remove the motherboard, which is always nice.

Installation will be a little different for various AMD sockets. Zalman has some very easy to understand flash animations detailing each method on their ZM-WB2 Product Page.

If you're going to go all the way with this silent water cooling, you are going to need to pick up a VGA water block to go with it...

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