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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.09.04]
Manufactured by: Ultra Products


(Almost) everything you need

When you buy an X-Connect, you'll get a box of cables that should cover all of your needs for a current-gen system:

Starting from the bottom, you get:

  • a 2x10 pin ATX connector
  • a 2x2 pin "P4" connector
  • a 6 pin Aux connector
  • a pair of single 4 pin molex connectors (these are my favourites)
  • a pair of dual 4 pin molex connectors
  • a dual 4 pin plus floppy connector

Like I said, everything you need for a CURRENT gen system. The newest connectors for PCI-E systems aren't found, but I won't hassle Ultra about it too much about that. However the lack of SATA connectors is inexcusable in today's power supplies.

I brought this up to the folks at Ultra, and they agreed that it was unacceptable not to have SATA cables in the kit. That is why they are going to send a SATA adapter FREE to all X-Connect buyers who didn't get one. Talk about great product support!

In addition to that, there will be an auxilliary cable kit you can buy that will include a 2x12 ATX connector for 925 and 915 Intel systems, 2 2x3 connector for PCI-E video cards, SATA cables, and an extra floppy adapter. Nicely done! It will be interesting to see how they handle the ATX connector; my guess is that they will patch the lines from one of the 4 pin connectors on the PSU panel. This just shows how versatile the X-Connect system is; any problems that arose with the final product are easily remedied with new cables. Nice!

As far as the cables themselves, they are UV reactive, which is nice if you're into that sort of thing. Personally, I found them to be too thick and cumbersome; they aren't very flexible at all, and make a lot of friction. This makes for a sloppier install than you would find had they used simple braided/sleeved cables instead.

Once again, I brought my concerns up with the folks at Ultra, and once again they agreed with me. For future X-Connect products, they will be using more flexible sleeving. I am looking forward to checking out these new cables!

Overall, I would say that the cables are what could potentially make or break the X-Connect. As you saw, it was starting to get dicey with different issues coming up. However, Ultra are addressing those issues as we speak, which is reassuring. If you have a system that doesn't make use of these super high-end connections, you probably wouldn't have been affected anyway. Just be sure to order your SATA cables from Ultra if you need them!

X-Connect Gutted

I'm no engineer, so I can't say much about the design of the PSU. For those who are though, feel free to sneak a peak:

At the very least, I am intrigued at how well done the connection panel is. Totally clean! It is also interesting to see such small heatsinks. We're used to seeing MONSTER heatsinks on 500W power supplies (as you'll see in our future 500W PSU roundup ;))

Let's find out how this PSU performs!

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