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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.06.04]
Manufactured by: Raidmax

Prices at
Green: $84
Yellow: $84
Blue: $84
Silver: $84

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And as is important with all pre-mod does that sucker look lit up!?!

Shot with the lights on and with them off. As you can see the LED color is more of an orange than anything else. I'm quite surprised that the rear exhaust fans weren't equipped with LEDs as well to help provide more orange glow to cover up those UGLY drive cages.

Well there you have it, another pre-mod for your consideration.

Looks aside, the Scorpio 668W comes equiped with some nice features. Although nowhere near a tool-less install on the inside, the double hinged front bezel and removable motherboard tray score big points with me.

Including the power supply, the Scorpio comes preinstalled with 8 fans, and although two are thermally controlled don't expect this case to be anywhere near silent. On the other hand though, minus the top exhaust blockage, the Scorpio has very good airflow throughout which has recently become much more important for those of us who've upgraded to Prescott based systems.

In terms of looks it's completely up to personal preference. I personally despise full sized windows (or at least until someone matches the drive cages to the rest of the case) but I prefer the cleaner look of the front bezel as compared to some other pre-mods.

If you like the way the Scorpio looks and don't mind the constant whirring of multiple case fans (or case airflow is very important to you) the all aluminum 668W is worth your consideration.

The Scorpio 668W is available in many colours, and is priced VERY well for a full aluminum case that comes with a pretty decent 420W PSU (Prices are as of this writing):

Prices at
Green: $84
Yellow: $84
Blue: $84
Silver: $84

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Double Hinged Front Bezel
  • Top Side Control Panel
  • Quality PSU included
  • Rear Side Color Matching

  • Nowhere near tool-less installation
  • Blockage of top exhaust fan
  • Possible loss of top optical drive bay
  • Full Panel Window...Ugh

Final Score: 89%