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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.06.04]
Manufactured by: Raidmax

Prices at
Green: $84
Yellow: $84
Blue: $84
Silver: $84

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The Guts

Cracking open the side panel (held on with thumb screws) we basically get a fuller look at everything we could already see through the side panel.

The HDD racks are rotated sideways which can work one of two ways. You can either install the HDD's facing out, which makes for an easy, yet sloppy installation. Or you can route the cables from behind the drive cage, and go for a clean installation. The choice is yours!

The bottom of the shelves are equipped with rubber vibration dampeners which will help reduce chassis noise (not that you'd hear the difference over the 6+ fans), but having use screws to attach the drive kills any chance of a tool-less installation.

The Optical drive bays use typical drive rails which again have to be screwed onto the sides of the optical drives. Although annoying, these types of rails do ensure compatibility with almost all 5.25 inch bay devices.

The Scorpio 668W model we were sent cam equipped as well with a Raidmax dual fan 420W power supply unit. (Model Number KY-520ATX)

In case you can't see those numbers they are 20.0A, 32.0A and 13.0A which should be sufficient current for the majority of users.


Yes, finally a recent pre-mod case that DOES include a removable motherboard tray.

I'm so happy to finally start seeing this feature included in newer cases again that I'm more than willing to look past the fact that it requires the removal of multiple screws from the inside of the case in order to detach it.

Tight at the Top

At first I thought it was great idea to have an exhaust fan at the top of the case to help draw hot air up to the top of the case where it could be exhausted both by the top fan itself and through the PSU. However, with the dual fan Raidmax power supply installed it pretty much is redundant.

As you can see, the power supply fan effectively blocks 50 percent of the top exhaust fan. With a regular PSU unit installed however it work as it should.

Also notice the lack of space between the back of the optical drive and the top panel ports. Depending on the optical drive used you might actually lose the top expansion slot. Thankfully THIS ugly mess IS hidden (well mostly anyway) from the giant side panel window.

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