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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.06.04]
Manufactured by: Raidmax

Prices at
Green: $84
Yellow: $84
Blue: $84
Silver: $84

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Side Profile

Moving around to the side of the case we see that the Scropio 668W comes fitted with a full sized plexi window.

I personally absolutely despise full sized windows like these because I think the grey drive cages look like ass, and because there isn't many areas out of sight to hide wiring. Now I could deal with the wiring dilemma if only someone would paint the inside of the chassis something other than the default grey.

There is a "handle" located at the back, but unlike on Antec cases where there is a panel retention mechanism built it, on the Scorpio it doesn't serve any function other than aesthetics. The side intake fan is again 80mm, this time with an orangish led, and hidden behind a stylish fan grill.

Notice the dust filter which is always an added plus. It's unfortunate however that the side intake fan was the only one out of the six that come preinstalled that was equipped with such a filter.

Baby's Got Back?

Moving around to the back of the case we see Raidmax has spent some time covering up some of the ugly grey backing with black plastic to match the rest of the case.

Although a very nice touch, I personally would have much rather seen this type of covering used inside the case to match the drive bays with the rest of the case as opposed to back here in the back where it will rarely be seen!

Notice the two 80mm exhaust fans in their tool-less fan cages. These fans have automatic thermal speed control, and although they are clear like the side intake fan, they do not have any led lighting installed.

Up Top

I'm sure you've noticed the little bubble at the top of the case and wondered what it was.

Hidden below a small flip lid are USB, Firewire and Sound inputs. Like the Cetus case I much prefer having these types of inputs located nearer the top of the case as opposed to the bottom. Having them located on the top panel does however eliminate and stacking capability for those of you with multiple systems in a single area.

Hidden underneath the plastic is also another 80mm outtake fan, bringing the preinstalled total up to six.

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