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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.06.04]
Manufactured by: Raidmax

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Green: $84
Yellow: $84
Blue: $84
Silver: $84

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Another One?

Yep, that's right, another case review. Seems to be the flavor of the month here at HCW, and guess what...this isn't going to be the last. After taking a step back and reviewing a couple clean/simple cases last month we're back with another one of those flashy pre-mods that some of you love so much.

The case we'll be looking at today is the new Scorpio 668W Aluminum Full Tower case from Raidmax.

At first glance the Scorpio 668W looks just like another run of the mill pre-mod, but as we delved into installing a couple systems inside the case itself we found a number of interesting features, both good and bad, which are worth discussing. And so ends the introductory nonsense.

Front Side

The Scorpio's front Bezel can almost be considered clean compared to some of the other pre-mods we've looked at lately, but it is most definitely not plain.

The round "Z" circle on the front lights up blue when powered on and the red triangles on either side of it light up red with the HDD activity (pics coming later). The first thing that struck me as weird about the front bezel was the lack of a key which is typical for this style of pre-mod (not that anyone uses it).

Opening up the front bezel door (which uses a nice push-style retention mechanism) we find out that there in fact a key lock hiding beneath.

The key lock is used to secure the entire front bezel which is hinged and swings easily open to expose the front of the chassis. This is by far one of the nicest features I've seen in awhile. Nothing is more annoying than having to rip off a bezel cover in order to install fans/optical drives etc...

Notice the two front intake fans at the bottom. Both are 80mm and come preinstalled in their tool-less fan cages.

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