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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [08.23.04]
Manufacturers: Abit, Albatron, Asus

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USB Performance

This is something that's a little new to me so bear with me on this. To fully test a motherboard, we're going to see if there's any difference between EVERYTHING so while some of you might think all USB ports are the same speed - and I usually tend to think so too - we're going, well, test it anyways.

For the purposes of this test, we'll be using three different USB 2.0 128MB storage devices and reading and writing a 112MB music video file back and forth. The speeds will then be averaged. All scores are in MB/s.

Wow. Finally we see some variation. The K8T800 boards completely outclass the Foxconn when it comes to USB speeds.

So if you so much as BREATHE on the USB ports of the Foxconn board, they will cut your CPU in half. Whoever owns the patent for IEEE1394 Firewire will want to use the Foxconn board in their ad campaign for the advantages of Firewire, which uses less CPU cycles in case you didn't know.

Firewire performance

For the purposes of this test, we'll be using my 3rd Generation 15GB iPod and transfering the same 112MB file to the iPod. The time will be recorded, MB/s calculated and averaged from three trials.

Again, the K8T800 boards are relatively even and outperform their weaker SiS755-based sister.

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