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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [08.23.04]
Manufacturers: Abit, Albatron, Asus

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As I mentioned before, the heatsink bracket comes uninstalled and there's a cluster of capacitors that may prevent use of larger heatsinks. The stock one fits just fine though.

The IDE, floppy and ATX power connections are in relatively good positions with the IDE at a 90 degree angle on the right edge of the board. This allows you to do some folding and hide those unsightly, airflow blocking cables. Strangely enough, Abit includes a rounded cable which defeats the purpose a little.

SATA connectors are directly to the left of the IDE.

For one thing, you'll notice it comes with ZERO PCI brackets. The only other board we've seen this being done is the ultra budget Foxconn board using the SiS chipset.

This poses a problem. I realize the board costs about $20 less than the competition but you'll go through 4 USB ports VERY soon and you'll need to round up some a PCI bracket or two.

The back panel has a Gigabit ethernet controller, enough minijacks to do 6.1 surround, two digital TOSlink ports and your old school PS/2, parallel and serial. Notice anything missing? FireWire. To keep costs down, Abit ommited FireWire from the feature set of the KV8 "Pro". While it is certainly the cheapest of the three boards, couldn't Abit have found something less useful to us to omit than FireWire or those handy USB PCI brackets?

So I'm guessing that's it? Let's move on to benching.

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