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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [08.23.04]
Manufacturers: Abit, Albatron, Asus

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So, in the end, we can almost surely say that you should probably stick with a K8T800-based board instead of a SIS755, not for performance since the margin is slim but because of strange USB and Firewire issues. Carl found the same to be true in his Foxconn board review so we can rule the 755 out of the race. However, stay tuned and find out how the nForce3 chipset stacks up.

Between the three K8T800 boards, however, we're faced with a dillema. Performance differences are insignificant so basically, we're looking at the board layout, included package and standard features. The Albatron and Asus boards both come with great standard features and included stuff with Albatron's Envy24HT sound card taking a slight edge over the Asus' ridiculous 10 hard drive capability.

All three boards have design flaws with Albatron again scoring the best by a small margin. The K8X800 Pro II had the greatest amount of room for large heatsinks out of the three and while a small clearance between the AGP slot and the RAM is an inconvienience, it's definetely not enough to take much away from a great board.

The Abit board is too barebones for my taste even though uGuru is amazing. This is truly a battle of INCHES since all three boards perform roughly the same. Having only 4 USB ports is the inch that simply lost the game for Abit.

I'm just not blown away by anything here and features or performance that make me pull a "Whoa." like Keanu are required for me giving away a I AM HARDCORE award. It's really a toss-up between Albatron and Asus but including Envy24HT sound? I say go with the Albatron board.

Stay tuned as I continue to search for a hardcore A64 mobo!

Albatron K8X800 Pro II: 86%
Asus K8V Deluxe SE: 84%
Abit KV8 Pro: 83%

  • Albatron: full featured like Jessica Alba!
  • Albatron: Envy24HT sound
  • Asus: includes just about EVERYTHING you can get.
  • Asus: 10 freakin' hard drives without adding any cards!
  • Abit: $20 cheaper on the street
  • Abit: uGuru is uAwesome

  • Albatron: small space between RAM and AGP
  • Asus: poor clearance for large heatsinks
  • Asus: lame WiFi gimmick
  • Abit: only 4 USB ports and no firewire
  • Abit: only 2 RAM slots...and also poor clearance for large heatsinks