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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.21.04]
Manufactured by: Apex Technology

Price on NewEgg: $55
(includes 400W PSU)

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A Major Annoyance

Now at this price point I didn't expect a completely tool free case, but then again I didn't expect added annoyances either. Maybe it's just me but this little bugger annoyed me a great deal.

There are two screws just like it attaching the front bezel to the rest of the case. Now since you have to remove the bezel to install the tool-less 5.25 inch bays you'll have to remove both of them first. Not only are they an annoyance just to have to remove at all though, they are also difficult to get at as both are sunken down into the front bezel about an inch and not all screwdrivers will be able to gain easy access to get them out. Needless to say I didn't replace them when I reattached the bezel after installing the optical drive. (Bezel is attached as well using typical plastic hooks)

Well, that's it. A short review for a case which is relatively short on features. Granted most people are going to have absolutely no use for this case, passing it off as bland and boxy. There IS a market out there for people who prefer a cleaner looking case. Whether or not the TU-150 meets the need of this market however is still in question. On the outside I would say yes. Clean lines and a simple design lift this case above the typical vanilla fare, however the little installation annoyances would personally have me looking elsewhere.

In the end, if you need cheap, like the simple look, and have a bit of extra time to spend then have a look at the Aron TU-150.

  • Cheap Cheap Cheap
  • Nice Clean Desgin
  • Partially Tool-Less

  • Installation Annoyances
  • Not Completely Tool-Less
  • Plain Jane
  • Only 1 included 80mm fan
  • More Installation Annoyances

Final Score: 70%