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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.21.04]
Manufactured by: Apex Technology

Price on NewEgg: $55
(includes 400W PSU)

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Sometimes Less is More?

Although unfathomable to some, not everyone has been overly excited with the direction of computer case design over the past couple years. We've moved from giant armies of basic beige boxes differed only in their case badging, to a vast array of premodded, prelit, precolored models. Something for everyone, right? With that phrase in mind let us not forget that not everyone has a want or a need for a premodded side window with fancy dance case lighting. Some people truly do prefer the look of a regular Civc over a heavily modded out one. As well there are also those people who'd prefer to buy the regular Civic and mod it out themselves instead of purchasing it pre-modded. If you're one of those people than this review if for you!

The case we'll be looking at today is the SuperCase TU-150 from Apex Technology.

From what I can gather Apex doesn't actually construct their case lineup themselves but instead import them into North America from the Asian marketplace. Either way, if you've never heard of them before you wouldn't be the first or the last. Nonetheless, a wide array of low-cost steel cases with the "SuperCase" brand can be found on Newegg, starting at just $24 (no joke). This one itself retails for just $55 including a 400W PSU to throw away; this makes it the most expensive Apex case around!

On the Outside

The TU150 is nothing but clean lines on the outside.

The front door has a dark mesh screening running from top almost all the way to the bottom. Stopping just above the flip open front USB covering. Through the mesh you can see the power and reset buttons as well as the power and HDD LEDs.

Unfortunately the power button doesn't light up as I think it would look nice to have a blue glow behind the black mesh, but then again if you're into buying a relatively Plain Jane case you might very well disagree.

The bezel door opens up to reveal two front USB slots and some very thin front airflow slots.

The bezel door itself opens and closes exclusively with the use of the included set of keys. I find this to be slightly annoying and much prefer the little plastic clips which allow you to open and close the door without the key and then have the option to lock it once it is closed. If you happen to lock (and by lock I mean close) the front bezel door and then misplace your set of keys you'd be out of luck.

Nothing too interesting to see around the side save for side intake fan grill and a sunken side panel handle.

Inside shot of the side fan duct.

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