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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.14.04]
Manufactured by: Spire

Est. Street Price: $25
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The Coolwave from Spire is a nice looking low budget aftermarket cooler. Nothing more, nothing less. If you're a stock user who needs a cooler to top off an OEM Prescott purchase, or perhaps need a low profile HSF for your upgraded SFF then by all means I would heartily recommend the Coolwave. It cools effectively at high speed (and is no louder than the stock Intel HSF), looks stylish and will not put a dent in your wallet.

If however you want more than just the status quo you're going to need to look elsewhere. Spire has done a nice job at releasing a quality low cost heatsink, however I have a feeling that the bulk of our readers are going to want just a little bit more.

  • Cheap
  • Braided Fan Cable
  • VERY Low Profile
  • Well Machined Copper Base

  • Not much better than Stock HSF
  • High temps at low fan speed

Final Score: 75%