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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.05.04]
Manufactured by: SilverStone


Peering Inside

First of all, I have to explain that only slim optical drives are supported - the same kind that laptops use. So whatever optical drive you want to install will have to be slim type. Welcome to one of the limitations of such a small, nice-looking case. Slim drives are seldom available in the fastest speeds, and are ALWAYS more expensive than their full 5.25" counterparts.



The motherboard is installed in the bottom of the case, with the drive tray installed above it.

Luckily, full-size hard drives ARE supported by the LC02, so you won't be stuck with a 4800 RPM laptop hard drive ;).

The LC02 comes preinstalled with a high quality 220W flex ATX power supply. On it, you'll find the only fan to come with the case. A small, variable RPM 60mm fan. Now, this power supply won't exactly be capable of running a dual 6800 Ultra system with a Prescott 3.6 GHz, but it should suffice for even the highest-end HTPC needs.

Expansion Card Installation

The LC02 supports a pair of expansion cards. This can be either one AGP card, or one AGP and one PCI card, depending on the format of the motherboard being used. Expansion cards are installed using riser cards, to allow for the horizontal format of the case:

This is the single largest limitation of this case, as not only does it limit you to a few expansion cards, but even then it is dependant on how the motherboard is designed.

There are really two common motherboard designs; one of them has the AGP slot almost parallel to the bottom of the backplate (usually the integrated sound ports) such as this:

If your motherboard is formatted like this, you will be able to use the AGP riser and extension to reach the expansion slot, and the PCI riser to install a PCI card underneath the video card.

However, as I have noticed, most motherboards these days use the following format:

The AGP slot is actually situated at the second expansion slot on a standard ATX tower. Every single motherboard I have here that was released in the last year looks like this. So while the LC02 is a slim case that supports full ATX, you are extremely limited to what motherboards you can use. Ironically enough, most modern motherboards that have the 'high' AGP slot are micro ATX boards with integrated video (which will fit just fine in this case by the way). So if you are considering installing existing parts in an LC02, make sure the motherboard is the correct format, or you won't be able to install a TV tuner in your HTPC!

If you wish to use a motherboard with integrated video, and it has the 'high' AGP slot, a 2x PCI riser is available as an extra option.

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