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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.01.04]
Manufactured by: Yeong Yang

MSRP: $85.00

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Not cheap plastic clips...but still Tool-less

Tool-less expansion slots have been a bit of an issue for some users. Everyone loves tool-less, but a lot of us have had problems with the plastic clips that most case manufacturers use. Yeong YUang has decided to go a different route while still remaining tool-less.

As you can see, instead the engineers at YY decided on a metal clip bar as the retention mechanism. Basically the bar slips under a metal notch at one end, and then lays down flat on top of the expansion cards before locking into place at the other end using the little purple lever. I found that this method is very secure and much less prone to damage as compared to the plastic clip method. However, the obvious drawback is that the entire lever must be removed off all cards in order to add or remove any hardware, as opposed to the single clip/card design.

Aside from that, there are only two other major deficiencies in this case. The first is the lack of a removable motherboard tray. Although perhaps not as important in a larger case like this one, a removable motherboard tray is still a convenience that I enjoy. Taking into account the low price point on this particular model though, I think I might be able to forgive Yeong Yang for leaving this feature out.

Finally, the only other issue I had was more a matter of housekeeping.

The convenience of having the front access panel placed at the top of the bezel is almost outweighed by the inconvenience of having to route the large mess of wires back down to the bottom of the case where the headers will be located on most motherboards. The good news though is that since there is no side window on this case (although one is available as an option), airflow is of the only importance and not aesthetics. I found that there was just enough room between the front side of the drive bays and the front edge of the case to route all of these wires to the bottom of the case. Thankfully Yeong Yang has enough foresight to leave plenty of extra length on each on of these cables.

So that is basically it.  There's nothing really fancy about the Cetus case. No flashing side window, no psychedelic flashing lights. Unfortunately, there is also a lack of anything that makes this case stand out - no temperature guages, fan controllers, memory card readers, etc.

But then again there's nothing really wrong with it either. It is basically a well built case sold at a moderate price. If you're more into clean lines and simplicity rather than blinking lights and bright color themes then the Cetus YY-5601 could be just the case you're looking for.

  • 120mm fans
  • Tool Less Design
  • Venetian Style Front Vent
  • Top End Control Panel
  • Economic Price
  • Well Designed

  • Flimsy Front Door
  • No Removable Motherboard Tray
  • Stealth CD Bay on works for certain drive models
  • Large vacant opening if floppy drive not used
  • Not much in the way of extra features

Final Score: 85%