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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.01.04]
Manufactured by: Yeong Yang

MSRP: $85.00

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Keyless Entry

The Cetus does come with a set of keys, but it doesn't open the front bezel door as you might expect. The door itself is double hinged and closes using a single plastic clip.

The door itself is not exactly sturdy as it's made of a very light plastic. Hopefully most users will be able to use the stealth CD feature as I can easily see either the latch wearing out, or the door itself becoming damaged after extensive use.

Moving around to the side of the case we see where the included key is to be used.

By turning the key inside the lock and then pushing downward we pop open the latch which then allows for the not only tool-less, but also screw-less side panel door to be easily removed.

Located just above the keyhole is a side fan vent which, if we flip the side panel around, we can see is utilized by a large fan duct.

There is no fan attached to the duct itself as it is designed to be located directly over your CPU cooler and thus allowing for direct access to cooler air. Effectiveness of this duct will of course depend on the CPU socket layout on your individual motherboard. Notice here we can also see the internal workings of the side panel entry lock.

Turning to the back of the case we find pretty much the typical fare save for another large 120mm fan casing. Thankfully this one includes a 120mm fan preinstalled.

With the introduction of the super hot Prescott chips, internal case temperatures are going to start to become much more important and we should be seeing many more case manufacturers including the ability to use larger 120mm intake and exhaust fans.

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