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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.01.04]
Manufactured by: Yeong Yang

MSRP: $85.00

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Say Who Now?

If Yeong Yang is not a name included in your computer case vocabulary, well, you might not be the only one. Although not as well known as some of the other Asian case makers such as Chenming, Yeong Yang has actually been around producing computer cases since 1990, and have in fact even had a North American presence since 1998. Up to this point most of their efforts have been driven toward the OEM and server market, however with an expansion now into the mainstream user market I think they'll be a name that many of us will recognize in the future.

Cetus is not the name of that Redneck down the Road

The case we've been sent to review today is the Cetus midtower chassis model number YY-5601.

The Cetus has a few nice features, which are easily picked up upon first glance. 

First off we notice that the power and reset buttons, along with all of the USB, sound and firewire ports are located on a nice little "control panel" at the top of the front bezel. After a couple weeks use, I've found this to be a handy little feature since I keep my tower on the floor next to my desk and it saves me having to reach all the way down to the bottom of the case in order to access any of these features. (Yes I agree, this is the epitome of laziness)

Secondly we can also notice the stealth CD drive door and button. If your drive is compatible, and I do emphasize IF, this makes for a nice little addition saving you from having to open the bezel door in order to access your CD drive while still allowing for a clean look. Now the case comes with a list of compatible drives and I have to say that the list of ones which work is far smaller than the list of ones which don't. My new DVD Burner drive would not work (the buttons were not in the right location) but an old 48x CDROM drive worked perfectly. I think it's really going to be hit and miss with this for most people. If it works, great, if not you'll have to open the bezel door like everyone else.

You'll also notice from the pic above that if you don't have a floppy, and a lot of people don't, then you'll be able to see through the hole left in the "stealth" floppy bay. It would be nice if there were some sort of placeholder to cover this up for those of us beyond the floppy age.

Next we notice the Venetian style intake vents that can be easily swung open or closed depending on your air intake needs.

These vents are a very nice little feature as many of the newer cases today leave a lot to be desired in terms of front intake airflow. 

If we pull the bottom half of the bezel away (the top and bottom are removed in separate sections) we can see the 120mm fan holder in behind as well as a large removable dust filter.

The 120mm fan will allow for a greater amount of air to be moved while keeping the noise level down. It is unfortunate though that the fan holder itself shows up empty.

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